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God said, "Build A Lighthouse"
Evangelist Ron Davis

Jesus is my lighthouseThe Lord spoke to me as He showed me the vision of a lighthouse standing on top of Gospel Hill. He said, "I want you to build a lighthouse and it will draw many people to Gospel Hill. It is to be used as a place (tower) of prayer and most of all, it will represent (be a symbol of) Jesus, the true ‘lighthouse to the world ."

Allow me to explain what I believe the Lord meant by the three statements He made when speaking to me about the lighthouse, as to what the purpose of it will be.

"I want you to build a lighthouse and it will draw many people to Gospel Hill". A lighthouse out in the middle of a wooded area in east central Ohio, miles away from any ocean, lake or sea would be unique and different. Something different or seemingly out of place attracts people. A lighthouse where people can go up inside it and see for miles overlooking valleys and beautiful scenery is appealing to many people.

I believe that the Lord knows that people will be drawn to come and witness the lighthouse as something special. Then when they are at the lighthouse, there will be multiple opportunities to share Jesus and the Word of God.

Gospel Hill Lighthouse

Those visiting the lighthouse will be able to view videos of "the vision" and "construction" of the physical structure. They will also be offered a guided tour. The tour will include a trip to the observation level and be told the history and purpose of the lighthouse. On their way to the top, they will pass through the prayer room and witness prayer warriors interceding over the requests.

"... it will be a place of prayer." From the first moments following the experience of seeing this vision of the lighthouse until today, the thought of having a prayer room in the lighthouse has been the driving force. A place of prayer! Someone in the lighthouse praying continuously over the requests we receive. Lifting up prayers on behalf of others, praying for our nation, and standing on the Word of God, 24 hours a day.

Prayer requests will be received by mail, telephone, and email. There will be a place for those visiting the lighthouse to write their prayer requests and leave them in the prayer room. There will be special prayer meetings (small groups) held in this room as well as the lifting of continuous prayer. The lighthouse will truly be a place of prayer!Jesus is Lord gif

"...most of all, it will represent (as a symbol of) Jesus, the true 'lighthouse' to the world ." The total vision of the Gospel Hill Ministry is of an outreach ministry; a ministry lifting Jesus the Christ, as Lord and Savior.

As an outreach ministry of Jesus, the Lord is saying in this part of what He spoke, that the lighthouse would represent Jesus as the "One who is reaching out from Gospel Hill". It’s not Gospel Hill, Ron Davis, or the ministry organization, but Jesus Himself who will bring people safely to shore. He’s a light to show people the way when lost out in a stormy world. Jesus is the lighthouse standing on the hillside of life, as the song "The Lighthouse", speaks of.

As people visit the lighthouse here on top of Gospel Hill, we will be able to relate to them, through our tour guide, song and pictures that Jesus is "The Lighthouse". A way to witness to the lost that will come to "sightsee". With our heartfelt prayers they will see Jesus as their personal lighthouse.

Sunday Services:
Prayer Meeting
Bible Classes
Preaching & Praise 10:30AM
Thursday Evening Service:
7:00 PM

Lighthouse tours available:
9 AM-3 PM

Tours also available evenings and weekends by appointment by calling
740 824-3300

To see a slide show of the building and completion of the lighthouse, click here.

Lighthouse gif


REception Desk
The reception desk inside
the lighthouse

Prayer in the lighthouse
Prayers being lifted up in
the lighthouse





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